Core Business

SPORT X is committed to creat a transparent, measurable sports equity assets based on blockchain and smart contract. Providing it with a decentralized, efficient and credible trading environment that can be more easily participated by athletes and fans. Among them, can achieve the efficient transfer of sports commercial value.

Sports Asset Issue

Issue tokens for sports stars or clubs. Tokens are used as an exclusive proof to hold or spend on their related rights and interests.

Sports IPRs investment

Investing on sports Stars' Image rights and exchanging on secondary market. The return of investment is locked by smart contract.

Crowdfunding Programs

Crowdfundings on SPORT X are initiated through smart contract. People can donate for youth training, charity tournament, or an autonomous sports club.

Market Size

Sports is a rapidly growing market worldwide,the potential exceeds the entertainment industry.


billion people


billion dollars






SPORT X is launched and leading by an experienced group with international sports agents and lawyers. It focus on breaking the inherent barriers in sports industry through the revolutionary blockchain technology, to creat a more open, transparent and efficient sports ecosystem and can truely embodied the fans and IP value.

Open & Transparent

No monopoly of agents, everyone can participate. Visible transaction and transaction scale, the real value can be seen.

Efficient & Credible

Based on consensus mechanism of blockchain, replacing the burdensom review of traditional execution, accelerating the flow of comercial value.


All information is truely and immutably recorded, farewell to forgery of results and false public relations,completely eradicate the corruption of inherent center.

Abundant IPs

Rich experience in market operation, numerous resources of sports stars and club rights, senior group check on the quality of IP.

Rich of Rights

SOX can be spent on all types of souvenirs, star fan meeting, VIP box ordering, legendary players' charity tournament and others rights.

Professional & Compliance

A team of international lawyers with rich experience in sports area, to ensure every reasonable rights of participants in the policy and regulations.


2018 Q1
SOX Token Distribution(ERC20)
Agreement from 3 Big Star Partners
2018 Q2
Launch SPORT X Platform
Issue First IPRs
Prediction Project Online
2018 Q3-Q4
Issue Star Tokens
Launch SPORT X Exchange
Crowdfunding Project Online
2019 Q1
Signing of 100 Rising Stars
2019 Q2
More equity products & scenarios based on SOX
2019 Q3
Organize tournament based on SPORT X
Achieve business circulation through tokens
2019 Q4
More than 500 athletes join in
Developing the ecosystem
2020 Q1
Cooperate with professional leagues, build tokens-based transfer system.
Launch SPORT X Big Data



Miguel Pardeza

Former Sports Director of Real Madrid

Shichun Wu

Founding Partner of Plum Ventures

Tiger Tan

Founder and CEO of Paypalm, expert of FinTech

McCoy Lee

International Football Agent

Jacky Xu

Top Lawyer in Capital Operation

Rodri Crespo

Top Lawyer in Sports Industry

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