Sports IPRs Crowdfunding & Exchange Platform based on blockchain

SportX Functions

Sports Asset Issuance

Issue tokens for athletes, clubs, leagues, etc.

Sports Token = Sports IP Rights

Sports Value Exchange

Buy & sell sports tokens through SOX in SportX exchange.

Token Exchange = Value Transction

Sports IP Development

Take part in crowdfundings, share the value growth of Sports IP.

Invest on Tokens = Incubate IPs

Sports IP Promotion

Complete the bounty programs to earn free tokens!

Share & Engage = Token Bounties

Business Model

SportX is committed to create transparent, measurable sports equity assets based on blockchain and smart contract. Providing it with a decentralized, efficient and credible trading environment that can be more easily participated by fans. Among them, can achieve the efficient transfer of sports commercial value.


SportX is launched and leading by an experienced group with international sports agents and lawyers. It focus on breaking the inherent barriers in sports industry through the revolutionary blockchain technology, to create a more open, transparent and efficient sports ecosystem and can truely embodied the fans and IP value.

Open & Transparent

No monopoly of agents, everyone can participate. Visible transaction and transaction scale, the real value can be seen.

Efficient & Credible

Based on consensus mechanism of blockchain, replacing the burdensom review of traditional execution, accelerating the flow of comercial value.


All information is truely and immutably recorded, farewell to forgery of results and false public relations,completely eradicate the corruption of inherent center.

Abundant IPs

Rich experience in market operation, numerous resources of sports stars and club rights, senior group check on the quality of IP.

Rich of Rights

SOX can be spent on all types of souvenirs, star fan meeting, VIP box ordering, legendary players' charity tournament and others rights.

Professional & Compliance

A team of international lawyers with rich experience in sports area, to ensure every reasonable rights of participants in the policy and regulations.


2018 Q1
SOX Token Distribution(ERC20)
Established Sport X Foundation
2018 Q2
Agreement With 3 Big Star Partners
Serie Of Roadshows In Korea & China
2018 Q3-Q4
WorldCup Tour Of SOX Investors With Roberto Carlos
Purchase A Professional Football Club
Creat Fan Store Of Professional Clubs
2019 Q1
Signing Of A Group Of Rising Stars
2019 Q2
Issue Star Tokens
To Be Listed In Exchanges
2019 Q3
Organize Tournament Based On SportX
Achieve Business Circulation Through Tokens
2019 Q4
More Athletes To Join In
Developing The Ecosystem
2020 Q1
Cooperate with professional leagues, build tokens-based transfer system.
Launch SportX Big Data

SportX Token

  • Token SOX
  • Type ERC-20
  • Total 1,000,000,000
  • 17% Private Sale
  • 10% Public Sale
  • 20% SOX team
  • 30% Foundation
  • 15% Athletes
  •   8% Marketing





The Asian exclusive agent for many world-class football stars and active in Europe and South America. Chief editor and product manager of a well-known sports media, and acting as Football Business Investment Advisor of a listed company meanwhile.



CO Founder

Product leader of a well-known sports technology company, serial entrepreneurs, master fo Tsinghua Univ. 2yrs experience in blockchain technology. Developed Bench-Goal platform (a data platform for football club, match stats and stadium operation).



CMO(Latin America)

Famous journalist, 20+ yrs sports media working experience. Expert in Argentine football and Latin American football, has worked in FOX Sport, Clarin, etc. Reports Latin American football and the Argentina national football team, follows the national football team for several important international competitions, such as World Cup, American Cup.



Director of Scouting

Former Real Madrid football club scout leader, director of the youth football department, completed the former Real Madrid superstar Raul’s transfer to Real Madrid from the city rival Atletico Madrid football club. Pago worked for Real Madrid for over 30 years and has been in charge of Real Madrid's scouting network in South America for a long time. He has discovered famous players for Real Madrid such as Raul, Guti, Casillas, Ronaldo, Anelka, etc.




20+ yrs architecture design and technical management exp in internet, big data, game distributed area, technology VP of listed company. Now focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, used to develop a public game chain.




Responsible for media promotion and community operations. Maintains a wild relationship and close contact with numerous marketing resources in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and other countries/regions.



Chief Designer

Profound accomplishment in combination of sports and visual arts. Served as the chief designer of a chain venues and sports equipment brand.



BD Director

10+ yrs business development experience in sports industry. Strong relationship with lots of brands and sports stars.



Operation Director

Majored in sports, he was an industrial analyst for a sports data company and participated in sports industry planning projects in many regions.



Social Network Director

Skillful in using social media to enhance user experience and extract product feedback. Responsible for constructing the sns platform.



Chief Editor

Majored in architect in America, he reluctantly gave up his 7-year major for the sports industry. Served as chief product analyst for a well-known sports company.



Sports Agent

With years of experience in the sports brokerage industry, she has participated in IP development and promotion projects for a number of sports stars and clubs.


Javier Mascherano

Capitan of Argentine national team
Legend of FC Barcelona

Luis Figo

FIFA world player of year 2001
Legend of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona

Roberto Carlos

Word cup winner 2002
3 UEFA Champions League
Legend of Real Madrid, Brazil national team


Investor and Partners